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Soccer Ball Mosquito Deterrent [2006-07-17] There are many virus and disease vectors in the world, yet we all know that one of the worst is Mosquitoes and they can cause havoc for people and animals spreading SARS, West Nile Virus and other diseases which can be transferred thru blood contact. This is a serious issue and with all the freestanding water around it makes perfect breeding grounds for endless generations of Mosquitoes.
The Origin of Soccer [2006-07-16] The game of soccer is recognized as the most popular sport in the world but few may know that it is one of the oldest games as well.
Soccer - Not Just The World Cup [2006-07-16] Soccer - the World Cup is over. What now? This article looks at what most supporters feel about their "local" game and also examines just how important the financial side of soccer has become.
Fuel Usage During Exercise [2006-07-14] The type of substrate (fuel) and the rate at which it is utilized during exercise is largely dependent on the intensity and duration of the exercise. During strenuous exercise there is an obligatory demand for carbohydrate (CHO) oxidation that must be met; fat oxidation cannot substitute. In contrast, there is an increase in fat oxidation during prolonged moderate intensity exercise as carbohydrate fuels are depleted. Fats are also more dominant in long duration exercise since fat oxidation requires more oxygen than does carbohydrate oxidation.
Who Should've Won the World Cup - Australia! [2006-07-14] You may want your team to win the world cup, but you can't deny that Australia were delivered an unfair blow to have them put out of the World Cup.
World Cup Football [2006-07-12] The FIFA World Cup is the biggest event in soccer(football), it is played every 4 years between 32 countries that make it there via qualification. The winner at the end is crowned world soccer champion. Find out more - read on.
The FIFA Rules Are no Longer Enough [2006-07-11] And then the world cup ends… The last game between France and Italy is probably exemplary for the quality of soccer these days. Acting on visible actions alone is not enough. The stress of the game leaves no time for any referee to take the right action. The system of yellow and red cards is no longer enough. In order to increase to quality level of soccer the FIFA needs to introduce something like ...
'Mes Amis,' I've Got To Hand It To You! [2006-07-10] Reflections of an inveterate 'Azzuri' fan in the wake of the FIFA 2006 Championship Final.
Summer Activity Cache: Fun Things to Do With Your Kids [2006-07-10] The word "summer" can have two completely different meanings for kids and adults. To kids it's that precious time that they can do what they want without the set schedules of school, without set bedtimes and without school work. To you, it can seem like an endless time of trying to keep your kids occupied without allowing them to veg in front of the television and video games all day. You want them to have fun and create great summer memories, but, as a seasoned mom, you know that a complete lack of structure can lead to choruses of "I’m bored" throughout the day.
Three Lessons About Goal Achievement From The Football World Cup Of 2006 [2006-07-08] The football world cup of 2006 is drawing to an end amid tears from some countries and celebrations from others. Some key lessons about achieving life goals as well as football goals can be learned from this competition.
Learning: The Joys and Excitement of Learning Something New [2006-07-07] Our minds are programmed to learn and to keep on finding new things to learn about. This article describes how learning something new can bring happiness and energy into your life and sets out four reasons why learning can increase your happiness.
Slower Pace or Rest Between Races? It's Your Choice [2006-07-07] If you compete in sports that require repeated short bursts of very fast running, such as in basketball, soccer, or football, will you recover faster by standing still or by continuing to move at a slower pace?
On Positive Thinking and Success: A Letter to My Son [2006-07-05] A Motivational article on postive thinking, positive self-expectancy and success based on the nursery rhyme, "twinkle twinkle little star"
How Money is Killing Football [2006-07-03] The Galacticos culture has spawned an era where clubs value players more for their commercial utility than their presence on field. Tickets are priced so high that it is almost out of reach of middle class and working class football fans. Worst of all it has made the game more predictable than ever before as the rich are getting richer by taking away from the poor clubs.
Big Ten Creates New Channel, More to Follow? [2006-07-03] The Big Ten Conference announced recently that it will create its own cable tv channel to broadcast even more games and sports nationally.
FIFA World Cup - A History 1962 to 2002 [2006-07-01] A brief history of the FIFA World Cup from 1962 to 2002 mentioning the first mascot "World Cup Willie" introduced in 1966, the rise of football stars such as Pele, Maradona and Baggio, Bobby Moore's imprisonment in 1970 and the theft of the Jules Rimet Trophy.
The World Cup and Letting Go of the Past [2006-07-01] The 18th World Cup was an enjoyable event to see sporting loving nations come together. Unfortunately, the referees have made some bad calls and my beloved Socceroos have coped a lot of them. Whether the calls were right doesn't matter, as you're about to learn the need to let go of your past to have true happiness.
This Summer Your Phone Didn't Ring: Your Kid Didn't Make All-Stars! [2006-07-01] It's the 4th of July weekend, a time to celebrate, barbecue, and watch some fireworks. But that week, when the phone was supposed to ring; and the all star coach was supposed to say, "Congratulations: we'd like you to play on the team," that call, the most important one of her summer, wasn't made. "As a parent, what can you do?" asks Dr. Gary S. Goodman, top speaker and best-seling author of 12 books, including 101 THINGS EACH PARENT SHOULD KNOW BEFORE VOLUNTEERING TO COACH YOUR KIDS' SPORTS TEAMS.
How to Pick the Winner of the World Cup [2006-06-29] A bit of advice for those that are trying to decide who will win the World Cup and how to make those decisions and wagers pay off.
World Cup 2006 Brazilian Style [2006-06-28] Why is Brazil so Dominant in world soccer? What is the "Jogo bonito"?
Summer Camp Programs [2006-06-28] Summer Camp Programs are perhaps the best way for students to spend their summer holidays. Summer camp programs include ordinary sports and educational camp programs to adventure tripping camps for teens, youth, and youth groups. Some of the main summer camp programs offered include ice hockey, whitewater kayaking, canoeing, basketball camp, rafting, field hockey, cross country running, rock climbing, football, fencing, golf, sailing, tennis, lacrosse, softball, swimming, soccer, mountain biking, wrestling, and windsurfing.
Article Writing and Sports Mentality [2006-06-26] If you are a former sports star at any level then perhaps you understand the need for dedication, commitment and most of all perseverance. Perhaps you have been a runner, bicyclist, swimmer, soccer player, baseball player or maybe some softball, football, karate or wrestling. No matter what sport you have played you can take that energy, attitude and rigorous training experience and apply it to online article writing.
Success Formula: Zinedine Zidane's Success Secret [2006-06-26] How to achieve Success. The Success formula used by French Soccer Star Zinedine Zidane.

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